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1226BEANSFeatureNewLowIf data changed then mark plots as "update needed"Arkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
1737BEANSFeatureNewNormalIf there are too many points in the plot send to the user non-interactive plot (image)Arkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
1858BEANSFeatureNewNormalBulk meta-data change for DatasetsArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
1860BEANSFeatureNewNormalMR job to summarise disk usage, number of rows, validation etc.Arkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.2.0
1862BEANSFeatureNewNormalCLI tool to extract data from tables and plotsArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
3628BEANSFeatureNewNormalAdd support for other languages: i.e. SparkArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.2.0
4000BEANSFeatureNewNormalAllow to specify path on the hard drive to import a file from it adhock (without importing it to the BEANS db)Arkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4024BEANSFeatureNewNormalExample how to use PigListener (and implement counters in Pig)Arkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4043BEANSTaskNewNormalAdd some warning messages if there are more than X points for PlotDataArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4092BEANSFeatureNewNormalAdd search box for plotsArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.0.0
4218BEANSTaskNewNormalCarefully clean the code before making it publicArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4220BEANSFeatureNewNormalAdd ability to mark notebooks as templatesArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4222BEANSFeatureNewNormalFor notebooks, datasets and other allow to define params with descriptions (not only with key and values)Arkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4224BEANSFeatureNewNormalFor small plots allowusers to write e.g. gnuplot scriptsArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.2.0
4228BEANSTaskNewNormalInstead of using JMX use sstableloader - it should speed up bulk loadsArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.2.0
4232BEANSTaskNewNormalAdd atomic long counter to PlotStorage for indexing the rows (do not use UUID). In this way it will be consistent with data scheme from Table classArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4276BEANSTaskNewLowAdd cache to all static css/js/png filesArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4277BEANSTaskNewLowAll static files put under /static pathArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4281BEANSTaskNewNormalCurrentl TableStorage can read only from Dataset tables, implement it also for Notebook tablesArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4287BEANSTaskNewNormalRenumerate rows in Data for NotebookTable after creationArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4292BEANSTaskNewLowThink whether to change the class Table, it exceeds default 5KB batch cass thresholdArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4293BEANSTaskNewNormalCheck what happens if an import to table fails, mark such a table as brokenArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4294BEANSOptimizationNewNormalWhile importing a big file, split it actually to several input files and process each indepedentlyArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4296BEANSFeatureNewNormalMake BEANS independend of Cassandra - there is no reason not to use e.g. MapDB entirelyArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.2.0
4303BEANSOptimizationNewNormalAllow to specify which columns to read from tables. It will also speed up Apache PigArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4322BEANSFeatureNewNormalEvaluate AitFlow projectArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4323BEANSFeatureNewNormalEvaluate Hue projectArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4349BEANSFeatureNewHighAllow import from FITS, HDF5, AMR filesArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4370BEANSFeatureNewNormalEvaluate ggobi visualisation softwareArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4373BEANSTaskNewNormalEvaluate Apache MesosArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4376BEANSFeatureNewHighAllow to export/import the dataArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4388BEANSBugNewHighMake BEANS to work with other databases too (not only with cassandra)Arkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.2.0
4392BEANSFeatureNewNormalCreate a page for BEANS with all the information about connected services (cass, hadoop, pig), their state and nodesArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4394BEANSFeatureNewNormalWhile uploading split the file into chunks, otherwise if the import fails at the end it will be pinfullArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4395BEANSFeatureNewNormalCreate beans-agent project which will manage services like cass, pig and hadoop for the userArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4421BEANSTaskNewNormalThink about using Apache Ignite for Hadoop computationsArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4495BEANSTaskNewNormalThere is variables MAX_TABLES_PER_PLOT in Plot class - think about removing itArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4501BEANSTaskNewNormalEvaluate AxonDB as a connector for BEANSArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.2.0
4514BEANSFeatureNewNormalAllow to download the data from Plots in the form of plain text and ps/pdf filesArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4515BEANSFeatureNewNormalAdd a summary page with various vital checksArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4517BEANSTaskNewNormalAdd About page with much more info about BEANSArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4520BEANSFeatureNewNormalAdd crossfilter as a pluginArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4523BEANSFeatureNewNormalIntegrate BEANS with ds.jsArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4524BEANSFeatureNewNormalAdd connector to AMUSE numerical packageArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.2.0
4525BEANSFeatureNewNormalAdd Database Explorer panel to Administrator pagesArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4531BEANSFeatureNewNormalAdd to Connector interface a method to iterate over linesArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4532BEANSFeatureNewNormalAllow to set option for auto-updates in bulk panel Arkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4535BEANSFeatureNewNormalFor many different jobs add Notifications (Pig, indexing etc)Arkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4572BEANSFeatureNewNormalAdd NotebookEntry for Latex textArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0
4582BEANSTaskNewNormalFine tuning PigArkadiusz HypkiBEANS - 1.1.0

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